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Dear Friend

Is there a difference between Self realization and self realization? Is there any connection between the two? Do your enemies lie within you or outside you?  What is the connection between the two?

Here you may pause and reflect on the reason why you do things against your wishes, why you follow your desires that run against what is considered right in the eyes of the world. Why do you respect some and scorn others?  Why are you repelled by some and attracted to others?

Why is it that despite the best intentions, prayers and efforts, you encounter failure in your actions in this life? Why is it that sometimes without any effort you attain results beyond your dreams?

What is your comfort zone? Is there  anything like true freedom?

Reflect on how you have treated this body, in which you reside, so far. How you have used this speech that comes forth through the vocal cords. How you have used these hands that seemingly move at your command. 

Then you have to reflect upon why thoughts arise, and why there are good thoughts and bad thoughts. Who is the owner of these thoughts?

Then will come the inner reflection on suffering. Suffering of pain and pleasure. Who is suffering this? Why?  What are these recurrent inner scenes that you see? Who is seeing them? Who are you? Why do you feel sorry and  guilty sometimes, and not every time you hurt someone?

Then come the times when you have taken up spiritual practices. Why have they not worked? Who controls what happens in this world? Is there a reason for this world and you? 

Have you heard any of these words before:

Dada, Dadashri, Gnani, Gnani Purush, Gnan Vidhi,  Akram Vignan, 5 Agna, Pratikraman ? Samayik? Moksha? Mukti? Self-realization? Sahaj State? Atma Gnan? Atma Gyan? Do any of these terms require for you to do anything? 

Are you curious about free will versus destiny? Do you wander  about and give up understanding or defining consciousness?

Would you like to Experience the Ocean of Bliss within you? Or would you rather start with a little peace and calm within?

Here, you will find answers to all these and more. Every moment spent on delving on these words will reap infinite inner dividends.

With salutations to That within You that is rising Higher,

Shuddha Anami

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